All dreams from Febuary 2019 by Brian La

All dreams from Febuary 2019 by Brian Ladd
Ebola mailed from Congo to psych ward 46 18 611 00 00 – call 46 171 15 33 90 red room
Kelsey Berreth found, 2087 2 mailed phone, wrong person, Krystal Lee arrested Jan 30th, 2019. (208) 734-3993, unborn child, body is near pipes, look again, Keely Martin Bosler name change, Breanne police were there 3 times and missed it, dream is cold, water… exactly the same details and names from November 2018 dd’s, see
Missing child Relisha Rudd is here, Jay street in Deenwood, metal fence.
Tobelo, moro basin quake, he was there, tsunami did not happen, killed fish, ocean bottom is filled with god
Missing child Anthony Diaz, garage McDonald’s. car parked outside, found here from Danville, has not happened yet?
Missing girl went to the store? newham, church road, Maria h UK, did not steal car, phone call, arrest Jan 8th 2019, found
A major earthquake in the ocean by Vancouver Island, the tsunami will affect the west coast of North America (can’t read the day of the month but it’s going to happen soon, in January 2019
Earthquake swarms in Oklahoma….soon, then a 5 plus quake near Lawton.
Church shooter, why he’s going to do it and other details on
USA winning lottery numbers for January 2019, just follow the lines.
This is the man responsible for next weeks plane crash (January 6th to the 13th 2019) flight number and other details on dream drawing
Major earthquake 8 – 9 days, grid location of 7.? quake
4 days take 5 lottery store
Fire on January 13th, 2019
Kirk Douglas 26 4 room 7
Tom Steyer accident was ‘Russian Ops’ numbers
Jan or Feb 2019 Monday lottery numbers
Winning Mega-millions lottery numbers for March 22nd, 2019
Upcoming building fire
Missing baby King Jay Davila located in west lawn, he’s sleeping on the floor, blue recycle bin
Love and catholic church Edith Blais found, was separated from Luca Tacchetto, bama 11376
Another UFO dream, these letters are not from any language on earth.
Baby King Jay Davila, under here west lawn, 4713 (missing child)
UK crash
Upcoming magnitude 8 earthquake off this island, tsunami details on ss, ocean fault, numbers (very soon, within the next 10 days I think)
This is the man responsible for 42 murders of Native American woman in Montana, he is a Catholic priest and his wife works as a nurse, they live in a red brick house in Helena Montana.
Upcoming unexpected solar event
Trump tweets Jim Johnson, confirms, crisis, border, 9
The wave came from nowhere
STOP THINKING, yes YOU reading this right now if you’ve forgotten where the OFF SWITCH is, ask your cat
Missing woman Jenna Scott is not with Michael Swearingin, Jonathan Scott is going to bring her home? cards, cards, Jonathan Scott arrest is based on setup, Jenna found follow real leads not the setup, no phone, not buying drugs, carjacking?
This is him and he has a fake gun, look in the car again, hair is under the seat, scott, goto black shear, this is about the Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin case.
Upcoming lottery pattern, I do not know what lottery this time.
This woman will be found, she goes missing in February of 2019
Missing woman Savannah Spurlock ? video is not correct, located, accident
Kelsey Berreth found, 208734, Alive, happy happy, warm love ?
Jayme Closs found, look under the house, bullet trajectory wrong, she shot them? dallas
Not sure
Missing Tanys Hughes, money is missing, train tracks, near lake Manitoba
President Nancy Pelosi hides cancer diagnosis, dies 3/11/2020 4th floor, phone number
Beach of light Madeleine McCann found, belt buckle in sand
Another UFO dream
Dick Cheney hospitalized, dies 4/3/20
UK Train crash 4712

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January 25th 2019: 2/1/2019 Multiple nights in the ER January 29 to February 4th, 2019 awful feelings with my heart and body 😦


Will be in the hospital until further notice…will try my best to record and document my dreams and finish doing personal requests. My aorta has gotten larger (4.5m) since the valve replacement in September so I may need another open heart procedure at JFK hospital. This means using another bone saw to reopen my sternum…great joy here. FYI I turn 50-years-old on the 8th of February. I’m still taking reading requests and actually have more free time in the hospital than I do at home (and for some reason hospital DDs test to be even more accurate that than those taken from my room) so if you have a question, please ask it…I still need to earn an living.
or if you wish to donate please use
Any amount would really be appreciated.

January 25th 2019: Well, it turns out I’m going to need another open heart surgery!! At this point I really don’t care anymore…the sadness is unbelievable.


January 8th 2019: Not 100% sure yet, but these 2 lottery dreams from the same night may have helped to prove a new lucid dreaming technique I use I first wake up in the morning…if so then public lottery requests are taking just weeks, not months and years to come true!
And remember, I do offer a private lottery numbers service with guaranteed results…see as there may be new slots open today. (if not, check back in a month or so)


January 5th, 2019: I AM GOING TO DIE..
If I don’t change my ways right now. Before I explain this I want to share a quick summary of my life to date. I was born with a bicuspid aortic heart valve, with means my valve only has two leaflets compared to a normal of three. Your aortic heart valve regulates all the blood exiting your heart and is about the width of a quarter. When I was born (1969 Loraedo, TX USAF hospital) doctors thought it was a hole in my heart, growing up I remember to allot of wires (EKG’s) but with no ill effects…I was even able to join the US Army in 1989 with a waver and served 12 years with no issues. It was not until I was 40 or so I noticed something was wrong, so I had an ultrasound done and discovered that I would need surgery by the time I was 50 or I would die of heart failure. Nine years later, I went into heart failure…my body was filling up with fluid and I could barely breathe.
On another note, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2005, a condition that runs in my family…I lost my uncle and little sister to what ‘the voices’ told them to do. My condition is treatable and I believe helps me to use my dreams and voices to predict future events…I also believe its possible that anyone can do this, not just me.
What it’s like hearing voices?
This is the best way I can explain it for the normal person…most people have thoughts racing in their minds during the day, these voices are commonly called self-talk. Most of the time self-talk is repetitive and useless…but the normal person is aware that this self-talk is coming from their own brain…in a schizophrenic person, she or he sometimes is not aware of the source of this brain activity. Ever since my open heart surgery this year, I’ve been almost totally inactive and eating way more food than I should…right now I weight 250-pounds (39 BMI) versus my normal bodyweight of 180…this is awful, embarrassing and will kill me if I don’t do something about it now. Make no mistake, being overweight is my fault and there are no excuses…not even medical issues.
As you may have noticed in my blog, I love food…and luckily the food I enjoy is mostly healthy. I used to run on a daily basis and doing so let me eat basically as much as I wanted plus I’m fortunate that I don’t like sweet stuff and sugary drinks. So starting today I’m going to get back into shape…I’m also start using past dreams to help me do so. I have set a goal for myself, a high goal, but an achievable goal…I want to run and fishing (don’t care what place) the Saint Judes Memphis Marathon on December 7th, 2019 If you wish to follow my progress or share yours on Fit bit, please do so…I have more than 10 months to be ready…and I will be. I will also be posting my progress in on my blog, if you need to lose weight, maybe what I’m doing can help you too achieve your goal.

Brian_Ladd_1.JPGBrian_Ladd_2~0.JPGBrian_Ladd_12.jpg Brian_Ladd_9.JPGBrian_Ladd_6.JPGBrian_Ladd_1.jpgBrian_Ladd_2.JPGSaint_Judes_Memphis_Marathon_on_December_7th_2019.jpg

December 31st to January 2nd, 2019 was spent in the hospital…again! I had a bp of 210 over 120! This was related my new On-x aortic heart valve…my blood pressure is normal now and hopefully, I will not need to spend any more nights in the hospital…but the staff was wonderful and the food was great!